Honhart Mid-Nite Black Co.

Specializing in Black Oxidizing since 1945 * ISO 9001: 2000

Centrally located in the metro Detroit area

501 Stephenson Hwy ~ Troy, Michigan 48083

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Why Mid-Nite Black oxide your parts?

Because no other process produces more benefits

at less cost!

Mid-Nite Black, magnetite (Fe3O4), is the chemical

conversion of existing metal to form an integral, protective

surface where nothing is deposited, as contrasted to

applying a coating which bonds to metal, but does not

react chemically.

  • Abrasion, corrosion and rust protection
  • Dimensional stability, hardness, temper and surface properties are not altered
  • Retains oils and waxes, improving lubricity, and reduces friction
  • Improves appearance of machined parts. Reduces light glare.
  • Extends shelf life of stored parts
  • Improves adhesion qualities for painting and eliminates dripping, peeling, cracking, chipping or rub-off
  • Suitable for electrical parts as there is minimal reduction in conductivity
  • Cost competitive - even with all of its protection, appearance and performance qualities - its less costly than painting, phosphating or plating.
Why Honhart Mid-Nite Black?

Since 1945, Honhart Mid-Nite Black has been serving the Midwest metalworking, metal fabricating, tamping, forging, casting, tool industries, and more with experience, quality and service.
  • 26,000 square foot facility
  • Receiving, handling, processing parts from the smallest up to 10 feet long and from ounces up to 1300 pounds
  • Production runs or job lots
  • Normal processing time - 24 hours
  • Certified for all automotive and most military specs
  • Pollution-free process producing no hazardous wastes
  • Quality control certification
Honhart HomeBlack Oxide Facts • Why Black Oxide? • Email Honhart

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 Honhart Mid-Nite Black • Specializing in Black Oxidizing Since 1945
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